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Mid Ulster Result confirmed

  • Friday, Mar 08 2013

Sinn Fein have retained the Mid Ulster seat for Westminster after a low key by election. Francie Molloy replacing Martin McGuinness. The turnout  was down overall and Sinn Feins vote was down some 5% as Unity unionist candidate Nigel Lutton in his first election polled well. The unionist percentage was up with Lutton taking 12,781 of the 37, 426 votes cast, Molloy polled 17, 462 compared to McGuinness's total in 2010 of 21,239. The new MP not concerned claiming that by elections are like that and their was an air of complacency. Speaking after the announcement Mr Lutton, a Portadown based undertaker quipped "He had reserected the unionist vote"

The SDLP increased their vote with Patsy McGlone happy and the Alliance vote was also increased.

Electorate 67,192    Votes Cast 37,426

Turnout 55.7%

Francie Molloy Sinn Fein 17, 462

Nigel Lutton  Independant 12, 781

Patsy McGlone SDLP 6.478

Eric Bullick Alliance 487



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